Monday, November 16, 2009

Ups and downs

Been reflecting on this year. Hard to believe it's nearly over and Christmas season is upon us. I have been resisting the temptation to get caught up in it because we are about to move house and will have a lot of things to do before nativity.

There's no question this has been a tough year. Three deaths, including one in the parish, the funeral for which was probably the most memorable, and strangely uplifting thing to occur this year. We had a tough start financially and we were surprised to find money trouble to be so trying for our marriage. And speaking of marriages we saw several friends end theirs. My beautiful girl was born with a birth defect that required a miserable stay in hospital over Holy Week and a very stressful weekend while they corrected it. She was also colicky making the sleep deprived months after her birth very difficult for us especially as we worked out which of us was really responsible for minding the children and when.

But we've also been surprised with incredible blessings. Several friends have started having babies (or started having them again). Against the odds Georgie's birth defect was incredibly minor. Most children born with the same defect also have many other defects in their internal organs that require extensive surgeries--if they can be fixed at all. The death of our dear parishioner brought our little community even closer together, boosted the confidence and morale of the choir (and it's hard working director) and gave us all a sense of peace--knowing we had such friends to bury us.

Greg's job continues to be a blessing to us and in spite of having resigned ourselves to living in our little trailer for as many years as it took for us to manage to get into the housing market we can now look forward to becoming home owners before Christmas. And the best part is that we will be moving into the familiar house I grew up in so it will already be home when we get there.

And in spite of all the chaos of having a colicky baby and a terrible two year old, the kids really are beautiful. I am very close to enjoying the freedom of a potty trained toddler and an increasingly independent baby. Not to mention the joy and relief of being able to really settle somewhere after years of having to pack up and move every other year.

Lots of ups and downs but over all a totally amazing and wonderful year.