Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3 years old

Theo is 3 today!!! Very hard for me to believe.

Here are some amazing things he learned to do this year:

Name and identify all the letters in the alphabet, both upper and lower case-- and in different fonts.

Name and identify numbers 1-10 (and we've nearly got 11 and 12 down now too)

Name most of the shapes--the plus sign is a cross of course

Identify all the colours of the rainbow as wells as pink and black and white

Sing "Christ is Risen" almost perfectly on key

Name at least 6 of the icons in our icon corner and ALL the ones on the iconostasis at church.

and my favourite: Tell you that Beer begins with "B"

He is also (Hurrah!!) potty trained (at 2 1/2-- and much earlier than I dared to hope); he gave up the dummy on his own this year, grew to over 3 feet, learned to spit out the tooth paste (among other things), started sleeping in a loft bed, and behaving himself in the car and the stroller.

His favourite thing to do is put on the Star Wars or Batman soundtrack and dance--which he is remarkably good at (very expressive)--and BBC Big Band is his next favourite music followed swiftly by church music because he knows half the words by heart.

His favourite food is probably maple syrup (good canadian kid) but he also loves sushi, olives, sharp cheddar cheese, squash, all kinds of fruit, and yes, you guessed it, beer.

My favourite moment is hard to pick but a close one is the morning he came to my bedside after going into the fridge and presented me with a bottle of beer which he thought he would like for his breakfast. (He's allowed an ounce in a shot glass at dinner if we're having it...)

I wonder what insane and amazing things will happen in year four...